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Shifted to DW and other things.

I have shifted to DW. Likewise, updates will also be posted on A Wolf's Tale.



A guest post...

And something about the Nebula Awards...

Look at the spiffy cover!

Download it at here.

Signal boost, talk about it.


Happy Imbolc!

Light. Like a full moon.
Light. Like a full moon. Glow.

1st February! Where did the time go?

Today is the day of my second interview. Wish me a lot of luck.

Light your fires, people!

So I did get the second interview...

Yep, I did. So, I am going for it next week. Cross any appendage for me, please. This time, there will be a panel of four interviewers. And guess when. Imbolc. 1st of February!

You bet I am going to light candles the night before.

Next week will also be known as Saber-Holding-Fort-Alone, as D will be flying off to Nuremberg for a toy convention.


The Rider offer is still on. It has passed the 600th download (though not sure if people will actually read it). Over two years, 600 downloads. Not too bad.

That brings me to ask questions:

1. Do people actually like FREE downloads?
2. Will people actually READ free novellas?
3. What does it say about people in general?

Two days into the Chinese New Year.

Second day of the Chinese New Year is now officially over. Visited my side of the family today and caught up with my favorite cousin who came back from Scotland. Ate a lot. Talked a lot. The girls enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Came back to consume awesome chicken and abalone soup. More eating of popiah.

Now, winding down for the night.

I put up pictures on my writery blog: Enter The Water Dragon.

Likewise, the novella offer - I have extended it for an extended period. If you like Asian YA (young adult) SFF with a futuristic setting and flying alien pterosaurs, get it at Smashwords.

Gong xi fa cai!

I went for the interview at a local polytechnic. Fingers crossed for round two?

And Gong Xi Fa Cai! For a limited time only, I have posted a YA novella, Rider, in its entirety, on Smashwords: here be dragons.

Preparing for the Lunar New Year now. :)

Onwards to... Lunar New Year.

Next interview on this Thursday.

Posted Chapter Eight of Path Of Kindness.

Updated A Wolf's Tale. Help my UF!


Started swimming again. I am determined to lose some weight and look cool at the same time.

Lunar New Year is this weekend!

So, some update.

Went for an interview.

And now I am a course developer/teacher.

Next week, another interview.

I am still coughing. GP put me on antibiotics this time. My lymph nodes are swollen.

So, some update from me. I will probably write more on my Wordpress blog.


Update of the Saber: teh sick.

I have bronchitis.

I am a person prone to having bronchitis.

So, been sleeping the whole of Sunday. Even now when I type, my body still feels the lingering effects of the cough medication.

Many things happening: last full moon of the Year of the Rabbit before the new year rolls out with a draconic roar, plans that need to be kicked into action and (potential) work.

I inhale and my chest hurts. Hot Pu'Er soothes me, the warmth filling my insides, centering between my breasts.

I want to be healed.




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